About Us - Your local Industrial Equipment Dealer

Faitella Enterprises, Inc. opened as The Paint House in 1976 on the  first floor of an old two story house near Downtown Ft. Pierce, Florida.  Our customer base was originally made up of building, painting, and  cleaning contractors, handymen, property managers, and homeowners.

Our goal for The Paint House was only to supply our customer's needs and  to solve any cleaning or painting problems that may arise in their  daily work. Word spread quickly due to our initial success and our  customers grew to include agricultural operations, fleet service /  repair companies, municipalities, and various manufacturers.

Our staff became well-known in the area as problem solvers for various  industries and we still firmly believe that listening to our customers  and solving their problems is one of the main reasons we are still  thriving today. While we still are known as 'The Paint House', we have  grown tremendously over the last 43 years and now operate mainly as  'Faitella Enterprises, Inc.'. Over 26 years ago, we moved our location  to US Highway 1 (just south of Downtown Fort Pierce) to a larger  facility.  

Naturally, our product selection has grown with us as well. We still  offer the highest-quality paints and painting supplies, we are able to  match almost any color / finish from our competitors' products. In  addition to paints, we also offer a wide variety of cleaning products  geared toward auto detailers and commercial cleaning companies.  

We also sell a wide variety of machinery to homeowners and companies  across the state. We carry generators, parts washers, hot and cold water  pressure washers, steamers, paint sprayers, floor care equipment,  compressors, and more. We also offer in-house and on-site repair  services on a wide range of machines starting with hand tools,  residential and commercial grade equipment, and reaching even to  industrial waste water machines.

We are passionate about what we do and we work hard for our customers.  Please feel free to contact us if you want any more information or if  you would like to learn more about us!